The process of directing the movements of watercraft from one point to another; the process, always present in some form when a vessel is under way and not drifting, varies with the type of craft, its mission, and its area of operation.We are dealing with the best-in-class products from around the world that are engineered to deliver the superior quality to make your time on the water safer.

Suitable for a wide range of vessels and even merchant ships, our portfolio of navigation systems ensure no matter what size or shape the vessel, you

stay on course whilst on the water.With reliable and proven hardware from market leading manufactures, we equip our customers with the latest tools, to ensure reliable situation awareness and navigational safety at all times.Boost course keeping capability and travel efficiency with AutoPilot and Speed Log systems, and ensure maximum safety precautions are taken with BNWAS and AIS. In the unfortunate event of a collision, you can rest assured that VDR systems can provide crucial data to investigators in their search to determine the cause of the accident.

• Gyrocompass
• Radar
• Inmarsat
• Hand radio phone GMDSS
• Anchor ball
• Anchor rhomb
• Navigation buoys
• Navigation lights