Safety and productivity are key priorities on drilling platforms. All equipment needs to work under tough offshore conditions with absolute reliability and without unnecessary downtimes. It has to meet stringent fire protection requirements and not put a strain on the local ecosystem.

The introduction of new technologies and the increased use of mobile phones, is said to have brought new challenges to fire safety in marine and offshore environments, so our reliable detection equipment meets industry standards

and requirements, and contributes to maximising safety for all involved. Vital equipment includes intelligent fire and gas detection systems with sensors and alarms, and integrated safety and emergency management systems, to ensure full control and visibility, giving a head start in case of an emergency situation developing.

Working closely with leading manufacturers, we offer a range of interactive and integrated fire and gas detection systems suitable for small to medium maritime applications, as well as large and complex oil

rigs and other offshore installations. In the event of a fire related emergency, offshore workers can rely on our fire suppression systems to handle the situation effectively and protect valuable area

No matter if you work on drilling and service rigs, hydrocarbon processing plants or another environment, oil and gas safety is a priority. Work environments within the oil and gas industry are diverse and uniquely challenging.