Our Port Services team provides the highest standards of support with 24/7 attendance to vessel owners and operators a wide range of strategically located ports in Caspian region. Our proactive approach as a logistics service provider and dedication to excellence have contributed to our growth since our entry to the field of Port Services. Besides the services, Fregat is the ideal local partner for a range of other activities such as clearing and forwarding, temporary importation and project logistics

Our Port Services you can rely on professional and

personal support to ensure you, port stay is as smooth as possible. Experienced teams are ready to receive and process your ships from the moment they arrive in port. From offices on site, we deliver high quality and personal service to owners, charterers, brokers, shippers and receivers. We specialized in port operations and agency services. We know that shipping activities are prone to change. We offer a wide range of services tailored to your personal needs. Such as clearance (for all types of vessels) and full port operations service from nomination up to final DA (pre-arrival management, in port service, post departure

ollow up). But it does not stop there. To guarantee extra value to our principals we also take care of chartering, act as protecting agency (to follow up and supervise agents of the counter party) and supply full husbandry services (bunker coordination, crew services, spare parts, cash to master, medical care and all other services necessary). Finally we can arrange all custom clearances and provide very competitive rates for handling, storage, transshipment and distribution.